Maria Felton’s Nikon D700 birthday cake.

While browsing various photography-related websites I came upon this interesting photo. Being all into cakes and photography, it grabbed my attention and made me find everything about it. I have tracked the image down to an owner—Maria Felton, and she was kind enough, to provide us with a story behind the photo. Here it goes.

Cubicle workspace is not for creativity.

Monolithic insanity—these are the words of an inventor of cubicle system, Robert Propst (Schlosser, 2006). By this remark, at the end of his life, he commented on the outcome of a revolition he started in 1968 with his “Action Office” system.

Photoshop mistakes.

Sometimes we, retouchers, forget to switch off layers and clean up our work before submitting it to print. Here are some of the interesting examples of such mishaps—Photoshop mistakes.

About alleged Michio Hoshino’s last photograph of a bear.

The alleged wildlife photographer’s last photograph of a bear is spreading through internet like wildfire. A lot of people believe the story and repast it in the discussion forums and send it by email. But fewer people know that the photo (above) is a fake and has no relevance to the tragic accident that happened on August 8, 1996. Let us find out what really happened…