Maria Felton’s Nikon D700 birthday cake.

While browsing various photography-related websites I came upon this interesting photo. Being all into cakes and photography, it grabbed my attention and made me find everything about it. I have tracked the image down to an owner—Maria Felton, and she was kind enough, to provide us with a story behind the photo. Here it goes.

“Ok, so i probably have the coolest husband. EVER! Not only did I get the real thing for my birthday, but he came home and surprised me with this cake! This is by far the coolest birthday cake I’ve ever had. :) I want to clarify that my husband did NOT bake the cake ;) The outside was made of fondant and the inside is red velvet cake. It was super yummy (past tense—it’s all gone now :()”

Maria couldn’t bare to cut it up, so her husband was doing the honors, while she was photographing the process with her new equipment. Nikon D700 camera, filming Nikon D700 cake. Does it get any more delicious?

As she continues: “it was a rather small cake, but it was perfect for our small family of four (including 2 little ones—3 1/2 and 13 months).”

The following photos were taken with a help of a Nikon D700 accompanied by a 50/1.8 lens. The light was provided by a Nikon Speedlight SB800 (at 1/4 power) into Photek Softlighter, triggered by a camera’s built-in flash.


The cake was made by Granny Schmidt’s bakery, situated in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, USA. As they state on their website, “Granny Schmidt’s bakery opened in September 2006 to bring best-in-class bakery products to customers who enjoy the marriage of high style and century-old goodness. We don’t produce cakes by adding flavorings to factory supplied base mixes. We make every cake from scratch, often one at a time, using nothing you wouldn’t have found at the corner grocery a hundred years ago.”

I have contacted Mrs. Michelle Quier at Granny Schmidt’s, and she, luckily for us, agreed to share more information about the famous cake. They already “have had several requests for duplicates and other models from around the country”. And the cake’s full name is “Red velvet cake with Swiss buttercream and black fondant”, it “feeds four”, and it “took about 2 hours total to carve & decorate”.

Colleen Laky is the Pastry Chef behind the creation, which was modeled “simply from several pictures”. Last Tuesday (14. 04. 2009), Colleen won the Philadelphia Wedding Cake Competition for “Best in Theme” of the show which was Ethnic Wedding Cakes.

Colleen Laky’s page on the bakery’s site informs that “Pastry chef Colleen Laky is the creative talent behind Granny Schmidt’s. She bakes and decorates every cake we sell. Colleen earned her degree in Baking & Pastry Arts at the Institute of Culinary Education (I.C.E.) in New York City. There she interned with cake designer Gail Watson and completed a mentorship with Sylvia Weinstock. For thirteen years Colleen operated her own business designing and decorating specialty cakes and wedding cakes. While her baking and decorating skills are outstanding, Colleen’s artistry is her true talent. Whether making a familiar character come to life in butter, flour, and sugar or dreaming up a whimsical showpiece, Colleen’s work is simply stunning.” So agree we all!

Also, I have been sent two more pictures of the cake, made right after it was finished. So we can all admire the craftsmanship and attention to details.


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Maria Felton
Never satisfied with photos from the big box studios, I learned about photography so I could capture my children as they are: without long lines, without stress, and without the same pose everyone seemed to have hanging on their walls.

With a long-time love of art and a BA in interior design, photography was a natural fit for me. I quickly realized my passion would one day include photographing others. I am thrilled to finally be sharing my talent with you!

I strive to capture natural and honest expressions. While my work is un-posed, I may give direction during the shoot so that we can achieve the best possible look. I always prefer natural light, and am currently only offering natural light sessions.

I take on a very limited number of sessions each month so I can give each client (and my own family) the time and attention they deserve.

21. 04. 2009
5 e-mail correspondence with Maria Felton.
6 e-mail correspondence with Michelle Quier at Granny Schmidt’s.