Obama and Ratzinger in Oishi tea advertisement.


Barack Obama (President of the USA) and Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) drink only Oishi tea. Really? :) A google search did not bring any confirmation to the claims stipulated on the advertisement that follows…


The Ratzinger’s bubble says: “Me—only OISHI” and Obama’s bubble “Me too—only OISHI”. Inbetween the bubbles in white bold letters: “A new beginning!”, and below in red letters: “First real tea without preservants and artificial colouring—delikatni.cz

The advertisement is placed on the benches in a bench-advertisement chain in Prague. What do you think, is it a local small agency’s advertising stunt (and rather daring at that), or the people portrayed really know about the Oishi’s arrangement and are really supporting the brand? :) What do you think?

p. s.: an interesting addition, the web page delikatni.cz is not working (as of 25. 06. 2009), only adding “www.” in front of the address helps to open the pages. Another sign of an amateurish job?

25. 06. 2009